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What this does is misleads real members into believing they're getting authentic messages from other members. A computer software program is sending you messages on behalf of members on the site.

What you need to understand is that these messages have not been typed out by a member of this site but are automatically generated. When you try to contact these women back who sent you automatically-generated messages guess what?

It could be romance scammers joining the site pretending to be women in an attempt to scam male members.

The fact that there are faux member profiles on the site and the website tells us that they have a team dedicated to stopping the creation of phony profiles tells us they are not doing their job.We don't know who's creating the fake profiles.The website tells us that they are not creating fake accounts but someone is!This is where all their dirty little secrets are hidden.And our investigation of Snap the only thing that we found was that the site uses automated messages that they send to their members.They send automated messages on behalf of profiles on their website.Some of the messages that we think are automated include what you see in the screen shot below circled in red.The reason we're pointing this out is if you don't want your profile plastered on over 40 other hookup sites then take precautions in watching what you upload to your member profile page on Snap A good place to find the truth of any dating say that you plan on joining is the terms and conditions page.This took us only a few minutes to find these profiles and there are many more.The reason we don't have more screenshots is that it would be very time-consuming to add all of them into this investigation.

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