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What do you do when you hear the ice cream truck coming down your block?You dash for your spare change and run out the door to catch it, right?MATTER: I noticed that the ice cream truck’s jingle is not defined by lyrics, and that the music notes are set in mostly primary colors, like the title—what were your intentions with these aesthetics?

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Prevalence estimates reflect BRFSS methodological changes started in 2011.

These estimates should not be compared to prevalence estimates before 2011.

This happens with every comic I try to make: the book slowly and shamelessly starts to ape The Sandman, insofar as you’ve got these complicated stories about real people, with this magical-ish figure circling them and exerting an unknown amount of influence.

MATTER: I’ve seen this book described as “genre-defying” which is intriguing.

How is it genre-defying, and can you hint at what readers can expect?

PRINCE: I think the issues answer the question: Chapter One is this sort of existential horror thing with a handful of creepy-crawlies; Chapter Two is a pretty straightforward tragedy about two opioid addicts; Chapter Three is about a washed up rock singer (à la Bill Haley) finding a fantastical world in his basement, wherein he has to write the perfect song to save all of humanity.

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