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The results represent 2010 figures and the average costs are based off the inflation-adjusted dollar amount in 2000.

The following list of states is ranked by the average annual cost per inmate. Ohio Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $25,814Average Daily Inmate Population: 50,960 As part of inmate education, prisoners in Ohio now have access to educational videos that can be downloaded to their tablets, which are owned by the prison and distributed to students. West Virginia Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $26,498Average Daily Inmate Population: 6,385 In West Virginia, one in 10 children have had a parent in prison, according to a 2016 Kids Count report. Michigan Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $28,117Average Daily Inmate Population: 45,096 Inmates at two northern Michigan prisons started a protest in March 2016 against the quality of their food. Utah Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $29,349Average Daily Inmate Population: 6,338 In 2015, inmates at Uinta, a maximum-security facility at the Utah State Prison, went on a hunger strike demanding better conditions. Since then, nine death row inmates have died of natural causes. Montana Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $30,227Average Daily Inmate Population: 2,513 Inmates at Montana State Prison create horsehair bridles, which are sold at a prison outlet in the town of Deer Lodge.

This tradition began in inmate prison programs dating back to the 1880s. Colorado Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $30,374Average Daily Inmate Population: 19,958 In the Colorado towns of Canon City and Florence, where seven state and federal prisons are located, inmates make up 38 percent of the population. Iowa Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $32,925Average Daily Inmate Population: 8,384 Iowa state Rep. Maine Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $46,404Average Daily Inmate Population: 2,167 Inmates at Maine State Prison have the opportunity to participate in a college program which is funded by the Sunshine Lady Foundation.

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The team at Inside Gov, a politics site that’s part of the Graphiq network, looked at the real cost of state-run and privately-operated prisons on a state-by-state basis.

Taxpayer costs for 40 states were derived from the Vera Institute for Justice’s report on “The Price of Prisons.” The costs include payments to local jails, payments to other states for housing of state-sentenced inmates and expenses outside the corrections department budgets such as health care costs and employee benefits.From college students, to laid back beach bums who prefer seaside living, Wilmington is perfect for the relaxed dater just goin' with the flow.These States Have the Highest Cost Per Prisoner Posted on April 28, 2016 by Kelsey Warner Incarceration is part of the American identity. According to a 2014 report by the Hamilton Project, the United States' world-leading incarceration rates make it “an international outlier” and the country spends over billion annually on maintaining its growing prison population.As Vice reported in 2014, with over 2.4 million people behind bars, one in every 100 U. Recent analysis of crime rates by New York Times Opinion contributors show this system fails cost-benefit analysis. News opinion piece, high prison costs mean states dedicate more funds to incarceration than to other budget items.The cost of prisons expands into the larger economy. The amount spent on prisoners tends to exceed the amount a state spends on education for each public school student, according to a CNN report.With universities like Wake Forest, Winston-Salem State, Salem College, and UNC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem is a diverse mix of young singles. or hang out on 4th Street where you'll come into contact with a diverse mix of both locals and students.On the rise as a 'cool' city in North Carolina, this is a great time for being single in Winston. With a downtown makeover, Durham is now coming on the scene as a premier destination for great restaurants, fun nightlife, and an eclectic music scene.The other day, I heard a friend say, “cuffing season is near.” While I laughed, I couldn’t help but think…this is true.It is nice to have a special someone to go to pumpkin patches with, coordinate matching Halloween costumes, and keep you warm on cool nights.While Chapel Hill is extensively college-town, Carrboro thrives on its own kind of cool.If you find yourself in graduate school, or taking a first job in the area, Carrboro is the place to go to meet unique and mature singles.

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