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You also need to ask your child to be entirely honest with you about any forms of retaliation they make have taken.

Hopefully they have done nothing to retaliate, but often kids and teens lash out and this significantly complicates matters.

If physical threats have not been made, here are some things to consider as you prepare to create the best possible outcome for your child or teen.

Victims of cyberbullying are in a vulnerable state, so how you respond to your child and your decision to report the incident to law enforcement are likely to be significant factors in either making the problem stop, or worsening the situation.

The last thing a cyberbullying victim needs is for the problem to get worse.

Next, discuss what you learned about the laws and procedures with your child or teen and chart out the best course of action.

When inquiring your about cyberbullying laws, bear in mind that awareness of recent cyberbullying laws may not have trickled down to all officers and you may need to ask them to look this up.

Then ask what steps are taken when cyberbullying is reported, how well other cyberbullying victims have been protected, and what steps are taken to ensure the cyberbullying doesn’t escalate.

The assertion that "the other kid started it" is irrelevant.

Your child cannot blame their choices and behavior on anyone else, and must be held accountable.

Help them see that bullies’ actions are not a result of a fault within your child, but a fault within the bully.

If your child or teen retaliated with their own cyberbullying, you also need to include a full discussion about the inappropriateness of their behavior and what the consequences will be.

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