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IN THE NEWS RIGHT NOW 10/12/2010 USA TODAY How joblessness hurts us all By Thomas H. Putnam The unemployment rate has topped 10% for the first time in a quarter-century.More than one in six adults are unemployed or underemployed, the most since the Great Depression.

A1) “Ill Will: Skyrocketing Health Costs Start to Pit Worker vs.

Worker --- Employees Gripe That Those With Bad Habits Drive Up Insurance Charges for All --- Is the Forklift Driver Too Fat? A1 “Missing the Boss: Not All Workers Find Idea of Empowerment As Neat as It Sounds --- Some Hate Fixing Machines, Apologizing for Errors, Disciplining Teammates --- Rah-Rah Types Do the Best” by Timothy Aeppel (WSJ, 9/8/97, p.

A1) describing the team and worker dynamics of companies trying to empower workers.

By any measure this is troubling, but the long-term effects of unemployment are more devastating than most Americans grasp.

Economists warn that high unemployment may persist for years. A Web Site Lets You Buy Some (And They're Hot) (NYT, 2/26/07, Daniel Slotnick, Business Day, p.

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