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Active directory dhcp not updating dns

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Configure the above script for your domain/DNS servers.

Then we get multiple IP addresses showing up for one machine.

Is there a command line tool to use to force deletions of records that don't exist any more? Our DNS has not changes for years and this just started happening.

It has not been tested with the Samba AD internal DNS server and it probably will not work with the Samba AD internal DNS.

This How To is based on a Debian OS install, the paths given may be different if you use another OS. /bin/bash # /usr/local/bin/# This script is for secure DDNS updates on Samba 4 # Version: 0.8.9 # Uncomment the next line if using a self compiled Samba and adjust for your PREFIX #PATH="/usr/local/samba/bin:/usr/local/samba/sbin:$PATH" BINDIR=$(samba -b | grep 'BINDIR' | grep -v 'SBINDIR' | awk '') WBINFO="$BINDIR/wbinfo" # DNS domain domain=$(hostname -d) if [ -z $ ]; then logger "Cannot obtain domain name, is DNS set up correctly? Exiting." exit 1 fi # Samba 4 realm REALM=$(echo $) # Additional nsupdate flags (-g already applied), e.g.

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