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If none of the listed jobs fit your background or is of interest to you, we will be happy to keep your information on file for future opportunities.Thank you for your interest in Acme Paper and Supply, Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer. Sales Representative, Savage, MD or Richmond, VA Perform outside sales to businesses in assigned territory or assigned industry category.Series 5: Domestic Hardware includes objects related to hardware used in homes, including wall thermometers; padlocks; iron hinges; and binoculars. Box is torn in several places and has pencil markings on the lid. Los Angeles St.--LA 11 CAL--Richmond 9-3331.” Comes with leather case marked “Post.” Made in USA. Manufactured by The Acme Pencil Company, Chester, Penn., USA” One miniature brick paperweight with “Acme Brick” etched on top. Comes with typewritten description and small colored picture. Two almond-shaped, blue and white needle books with the “shop Acme markets” trademark on the front and back. Each book opens up to an assortment of needles stuck on a gold foil, a needle threader, and a little black packet which hides another set of fine needles. One empty, wooden box with detachable lid from Acme Fruit Packing Company.

The collection has been processed with the original order maintained as much as possible. Acme quality sprayer.” The bottom of the body reads: “Acmeline Manufacturing Company, Traverse City, Michigan. A Trial order will convince you.” “Coal and Coke” in big letters on top and “Acme Coal Company. First aid kit filled with 4 Acme Zip strips, 1 Acme waterproof adhesive tape, 1 small roll of bandage, 4 cotton squares and 1 clear plastic case of 7 Anacin tablets. Two garter straps on the back of the case, most likely kit is meant to be held by a belt around the waist. One Blue Steel blade in its original paper envelope. One Zippo knife with the “Acme Packaging Corporation” in yellow print on the handle. One stainless steel army knife, which also includes a pair of scissors and nail file, attached to a key chain.

Series 10: Industrial Hardware includes industrial type objects like printing plates, radio control switches, etc. Engraved in faded gold letters on the scale is the company name and address; also: “Tools-Dies, Experimental work, Metal stamping, General Machine work.” Comes in original red and black box. One glass paperweight of the Aluminum Foundry Div, Acme Pattern and Tool Company, Inc. The design features a black and white illustration of the company building. Pending.” The paperweight also displays two little red dice inside a little circle. The paper design/mirror for the paperweight has come undone and is held together by tape. The company name is repeated at the back of the ruler with this additional text: “Mill distributors, thread; Manufacturers Supplies, Cotton goods.” Stains on item; varnish worn out. One yellow plastic ruler with a “hologram” design that shows fractions and their decimal equivalents. On the face of the lighter is the logo of the Acme Printing Ink Company, Chicago. One fancy address book called “A Dress Book” Cover is made to look like a suit complete with striped shirt, vest with gold chain, necktie coat with a pink flower on the lapel and handkerchief with “Acme” embroidered on it. Label of Loncraine Broxton and Partners Limited of Stanford, England is in the inside cover. Opens to reveal two compartments meant to contain cigarettes. Small label reads: “The Acme Foundry and Machine Company, Coffeyville, Kansas.” Stamped inside: “Bottoms Up--Patent No. 649, made of plastic, bright orange color; shows logo “Acme Whistles all over the world.” Text in English, French and German. Whistle satisfies safety regulations and “approved for use in life craft, rescue boats.” Made in China. Comes with receipt of purchase addressed to Richard Pollay for .00. One red plastic woven sack with Kraft paper label glued around sack; label painted gold, orange, green and black reads: “Acme Washington Onions Shipped by P. Taggares Produce Company, Othello, Wash 99344 50 lbs. One empty wooden box with separate cover; round orange label glued on the cover shows knight on a horse with castle and trees in background. 1 white baguette bag; logo of Acme bread is a drawing of a sheaf of wheat; label information includes: “The Acme Bread Company Est. Red bottle cap reads: “Quality beverages.” Paper label in red and yellow glued onto bottle. Acme Smoked Fish Corporation logo on top of lid label followed by text: “Smoked Nova Salmon Spread with Soya Bean Oil Added, Keep Refrigerated.” Bottom text reads: Packed and Dist. Bar of soap in its original paper wrapping showing a man in a suit holding an Lautz Acme soap on the front; the back of the wrapping includes: “Manufactured by Lautz Bros. Y., established 1852.” Text continues: “Manufacturers of Marseilles White, Acme , Gloss, Master, Circus Soaps, and Snow Boy Washing Powder.” Stains and discoloration on wrapper.

Series 11: Bottles and Jars consists of bottles, glassware and jars featuring the Acme name or logo Also included are two colored glass slides, a baby's bottle and items in glass picture frames. Series 14: Books and Monographs includes books, picture books, monographs and magazines that feature the Acme sign or logo or make mention of Acme. One memo pad, with brown vinyl cover, with its memo pad. Back of the ruler shows the logo of Acme Chain Corporation, Holyoke, Mass. Pull-out tape measure has “Zippo” printed on the tape and on bottom of the item. One gray wooden display box for Acme school and office rulers. Back of box has paper label on the “contents of display and how to re-order” Box is empty. Jackson, Michigan, Manufacturing of quality air conditioning and refrigeration equipment since 1919” Logo on other end. A dozen silver whistles, each wrapped in cellophane, in original box. One yellow colored tin of Acme beveled faucet washers; empty; stamped on front of tin is “1/2, 2 1/2.” Other text includes product information. One boxed set of four “Acme” ball bearing casters and 18 screws. casters,” and “Smooth running positive action.” Box is heavily stained, inside and out. Label text in blue includes: “Superior brand quality...prepared with sugar and corn syrup.” Item held together by metal snaps. 1983,” with list of baguette ingredients on the side of bag. Label text includes: “Sugar Free Low Calorie Red Pop.” Logo of Acme in red eye-shaped circle. Logo is the familiar Acme inside the red oval shape. Slight dent on tin; rust and discoloration on rim and lids. One green and white toothpaste tube, mint flavored with fluoride. One three-fold needle book from Acme Finance Service of Glendale.

Series 21: Acme Truck consists of print advertisements for the Acme Truck, predominantly dating 1918-1922. Intended to hold nine (9) pieces shown on the lid of the box. On the back of the ruler are the directions for use; one corner reads “Cold rolled Colorstrip,” the other reads: “Hot rolled Electro Galv.” One tubular extension speaker, Model TS-30, for any size TR-radios. Contents: 2 cotton filled sponges, 2 cotton tipped applicators, 1 prep Swab, 1 alcohol Prep swab, 1 scissors.” Unopened. Printed on the face of the book is: “Acme Delivery Company. Vancouver, British Columbia 224-7322 or 228-2568.” One white feed sack with black silk-screened letters; text reads “Safeway Egg Mash, made by Acme Feeds Incorporated, Forest Park, Illinois.” At the bottom is “Chase Bag Company.” Some stains on sack. Box cover shows the Acme trademark of a busy beehive surrounded by flowers. Label reads: “Acme Non-Fattening Beer.” Bottles filled with hardened salt and pepper. The San Francisco brewery (one of many breweries producing Acme Beer) closed its doors in 1958. 1 tall beer bottle, in the shape of a wine bottle, complete with ceramic bottle stopper.

Series 22: Audiovisual Materials consists of sound and video recordings on various formats: cassette and video tapes; CD-ROM; vinyl records; and CDs. Tube is covered with vinyl material and speaker rests on a stand with “Made in Japan” on it. Label on one side reads: “Specialty Specialists Joyland Ring Stick 120 net count” with cartoon drawings of two Indian kids. Dark glass bottle with fancy label etched on it; displays logos of Acme Beer and Sonoma County Museum with words “Excelsior Brewery.” Red and gold paper strip still on bottle.

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