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The PRC has threatened the use of military force in response to any formal declaration of independence by Taiwan or if PRC leaders decide that peaceful unification is no longer possible.) in Chinese historical records.The area of modern-day Tainan was the first permanent settlement by Western colonists and Chinese immigrants, grew to be the most important trading centre, and served as the capital of the island until 1887.

Taiwan was joined to the mainland in the Late Pleistocene, until sea levels rose about 10,000 years ago.

This has led linguists to propose Taiwan as the urheimat of the family, from which seafaring peoples dispersed across Southeast Asia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

David Wright, a Scottish agent of the company who lived on the island in the 1650s, described the lowland areas of the island as being divided among 11 chiefdoms ranging in size from two settlements to 72.

After a brief rule by the Kingdom of Tungning, the island was annexed by the Qing dynasty, the last dynasty of China.

The Qing ceded Taiwan to Japan in 1895 after the Sino-Japanese War.

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