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In 2007 she married Italian property heir Giorgio Veroni and two years later gave birth to their daughter Violet. I had to learn it’s not all about me.‘Anouska was always loved, she wasn’t neglected, so how bad could it be?

After the death of her husband, Cate's father and nephew move in to help out the family and later on, she tries to rekindle a relationship with her former high school boyfriend.

The show's ratings continued to struggle due to Ritter's death and the major theme changes and was eventually cancelled at the end of its third season.

Even when she did briefly live with her mother at the age of six, she was subjected to ‘huge house parties which went on for days'.

She said: ‘Her friends would wake me and want to dress me up.

I have a white apron on and a knife and I’m trimming meat up, so I’ve got chunks of meat all over this white apron, blood everywhere.

The doorbell rings and I go and answer the door, and here’s this kid who’s dating Gracie standing there.I’ve got a knife in my hand and a bloody apron on … Once you register, you'll be able to manage your account online.Monday 7.30pm on Seven" data-source-name="" data-index="2" It's a week of battles, with the greatest number of judges in the history of My Kitchen Rules.On the series, she plays Cate Hennessy, a nurse and wife to Paul, a former sports writer turned Lifestyle columnist, and they are raising their three kids together.‘Money has never interested me; all it does is cause pain and conflict and complications.I had a realisation about three years ago about what I wanted from life.‘I crave friends who are loyal, trustworthy, have your best interests at heart and come from a place of love.‘None of her group of friends has those qualities. I’ve only ever seen my mother cry twice – she’s not an emotional person.’Interviewed in the Sunday Times, Miss Beckwith added: ‘I don’t doubt she loves me, but I see our relationship as a work-in-progress.’Tamara Beckwith attended Cheltenham Ladies’ College, but left shortly after getting pregnant at 16 by William Gerhauser, the son of former Playboy boss Bill Gerhauser.With her friend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, she became one of the most well-known It-girls of the 1990s, dating film stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Charlie Sheen and becoming engaged to Sharon Stone’s brother, Michael.More recently, she featured in several reality television programmes including ITV1’s Dancing on Ice.When your mother mixes with Hollywood stars and regularly graces the newspaper pages, it might appear to have the makings of a glamorous childhood.But the daughter of notorious socialite Tamara Beckwith has launched a blistering attack on her upbringing with claims that she was neglected.

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