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Time: 5 hours Cost per person: -" Lindsey Bartlett, Social Media Producer The best date night in Denver involves an eclectic mix of new and old.

You'll feel right at home as bizarre aesthetic wraps around a room full of tipsy, new-age tattooed weirdos.

Give her the dress code -- senior prom -- but make the rest a surprise.

Tell her to meet you at a specific bench at a nearby park.

Pro tip: Slyly pull your date by the hand into the 715 photo booth for a chance to get so close, they can smell the cheap beer and ramen on your breath.

Time: 4-6 hours Cost per person: $70" John Wenzel, Entertainment Reporter Dates are all about setting the right mood, which means aesthetics and intimacy are crucial.

After, we share a slice of tart, creamy key lime pie. If it's really late, cross the street for a slice at Pie Hole and a nightcap and some Golden Tee at Badger's.

This date is loud (in a good way) and occasionally dirty (also in a good way), but you will not get more taste (in both food and music) per dollar anywhere in the city.

If she hasn't left at this point, congrats: This one's a keeper.

Time: 6 hours Cost per person: " Barbara Ellis, Features Editor He makes the reservation at my favorite restaurant, 240 Union in Lakewood, without asking where I want to go to dinner or at what time -- 'cause he would just know.

Then, hand her a blindfold and ear muffs and hail a car (nothing's sexier than responsibility).

Head to Lakeside Amusement Park, but don't let her take off the blindfold or earmuffs -- not until you're both seated in the Cyclone, Lakeside's rickety, 75-plus-year-old roller coaster that's scary for the wrong reasons.

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