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The choices I made were all out of a certainty of purpose.

Have I fought for roles to the best of my abilities by any means necessary?

With the one exception I haven't thrown other actors under the bus for my own gain.

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Sweet and lovely lady, Daphne Zuniga was born as Daphne Eurydice Zuniga at the end of 1962 in Berkeley, California, United States of America to Agnes A.

She has two siblings and they are named as Jennifer Zuniga and Rosario Zúñiga.

In Daphne was seen having romantic love affairs with Jason Gedrick.

He is well known for his role in the TV series like Murder One and Boomtown.

However I have been a hustler and scrapper my whole life.

When notes come down from the network to set, those that the notes are attributed to typically stop to catch their breath because it has a holy order quality that no one will question.

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