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[tweetable]The number of Christians viewing pornography virtually mirrors the national average.[/tweetable]Religion’s critics charge that conservative Christianity has become sex-obsessed, placing a disproportionate amount of influence on topics like abstinence, sexual orientation, and pornography. [tweetable]Conservative Christians’ responses to the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s have often bordered on paranoia.[/tweetable] And yet, the pornography industry undeniably contributes to many social ills, including the objectification of women and the exploitation of children and teenagers.As a result, the key findings of Barna’s study deserve serious attention: If you consider the increasing prominence of pornography in America to be a problem–as many religious people do–these statistics should concern you. The answer may depend on which type of Christian you are.

Over 70 percent were women, the mean age was 25, and 80 percent were heterosexual.

The “highly distressed non-compulsive” profile (12.7 percent of the sample) had low compulsivity and intensity scores, but lots of emotional distress, and watched for an average of 17 minutes a week.

The “compulsive” profile fit 11.8 percent of participants, marked by high scores on intensity and compulsivity, and moderate scores on distress. In an interview with Psy Post, Vaillancourt-Morel said that the main message of the study is that porn users are “a heterogeneous population in which distinct subgroups experience quite different sexual outcomes”: Porn creates problems for two groups of people, but for the majority, there were no negative sexual outcomes.

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