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What they planned to do with it, I don’t know, but I can only imagine. He acted very concerned and said that he was going to go out of his way to report Philips IP to his ISP.After all, he said, even if he is using a proxy, the ISP will know where the connection is coming from.I also noticed other names that were said in the chat, however, it was never clear which chatter owned the name.

I gave up social-networking, yahoo, and the thought of interviewing bands. I noticed that the entire chat would pick one person, then attack them.

However, I didn’t give up on finding out who these peoples were. I believe that some of the other people I’ve seen on cam may be his employees. However, I thought I was dealing with some kind of cult that attacked children online. The guy I first complained about became more disturbed.

I decided to visit one of these attack sites they’d prepared for me, and boy was I surprised.

My computer started downloading something called “Win RAR chatlogs” that opened with encoded language options.

Now, Alex was the nicest person on chat-avenue, I thought, however, my opinion soon changed. I decided to log in with my old name a few months ago, and see would happen.

As I suspected, They remembered me as the guy who tried to turn their friend in.That made me fell a littler bit at rest, knowing at least someone had taken action against this creep.However, Philip never disappeared, and his chatlogs and threats kept coming.They flooded the website with racial slurs, hacked the website’s shout-box and terrorized the distributors of the free shout-box.After I made a new e-mail and placed the shout-box on the page, I got a frantic e-mail from the distributor begging me to remove it from my page.That’s why I had never gotten a reply from the authorities.Yep, the staff at chat-avenue had hacked my e-mail.You will see that chat-avenue is nothing but a large group of organized crime: From hacking other web-sites, soliciting sex to minors, attacking anyone with complaints against them, and actually protecting people who’ve uploaded child-pornography to its forums.Shortly after e-mailing a British website that dealt with cyber crimes, I found that my e-mail had been hacked; hacked by the lunatics at chat-avenue.After seeing that, I didn’t pay it any attention, because I knew NBC wouldn’t have drug-idled idiots attacking children for upcoming episodes with Chris Hansen.However, around three weeks ago, Philip attacked me, yet again, with a threat involving chatlogs— this time he mentioned Perverted Justice. I’m not sure what it was a picture of, but his/her name was Alex Manuel Nash.

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